My Little Sister is Getting Married!

And I got to photograph their engagement!

Hi! Renée here! Welcome to my first blog page! I am so excited to be launching my website and creating a fun blog alongside it that will narrate what it is like to be a photographer! Photography is my creative outlet and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to put my passion into great use! Photographing your best memories in life is one of my greatest joys.

I am the oldest of three, I have a younger brother and sister. From the moment they entered my life, I was so honored to be their big sis! And by the time my youngest sibling was born, I was almost a 2nd grader and I was determined he was all mine to love and care for! Watching back on old family videos he was always in my arms, no need for baby dolls, he was everything to me. Melissa and I are much closer in age so we usually were playing Barbies, house and school. A built in best friend, for life! So lucky to have them both. And now they are the best aunt & uncle to my three kids!

Some old photos to go with the story!

See why photos are so important! They tell your family’s story!

So as the story continues, flash forward to August of 2023, my little sister got engaged! Whoa, what a feeling! The excitement I have for the both of them is indescribable! I was so honored to take their engagement photos! A real honor. Melissa wanted sunset, dreamy and romantic! I hope I captured everything she hoped for.

There was one moment as I looked through my viewfinder, at my beautiful sister, that I saw her as a child once again. I had to hold back tears, my baby sister is grown up and starting the next chapter of her life. But our lives as sisters kind of flashed before my eyes, thru my viewfinder! What an experience.

This was the little face I saw (that is Melissa on the left)!

Well if you made it this far, thank you for reading. Here are some of images from their engagement session last fall. I cannot wait to celebrate them on their wedding day!

Introducing Melissa and Mike!
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